Whiny, Clingy & Irritating (queenanthai) wrote in avgn,
Whiny, Clingy & Irritating

Vote James!

I exhibit absolutely no surprise that James is nominated for The Angry Puppy Hot Geek 10. I mean, everybody here already knows that the guy totally moistens my panties.

What is shocking, however, is that including my vote, he has...three votes.

Come on, he's got hundreds of thousands of fans, people. Start spreading the word!

UPDATE 5/26/08: James is up to 36 votes! No, he doesn't stand a chance in hell of being in the top anything, but don't you want to see how far a loyal fanbase can push a nerd? :)

As of right now, the internet believes him to be sexier than Neil Patrick Harris and Edward Norton. The internet is very, very right. :)
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