Grand Cross (grandcross) wrote in avgn,
Grand Cross

oh hey

Just gonna try and start some conversation here...

What would you say your favorite AVGN moments are?

Here's a few of mine:

TMNT- The rant. Of course.

Nightmare on Elm Street - When he cloned himself. FOUR TIMES THE ANGER

Roger Rabbit - The phone call to Jessica Rabbit.

Spiderman - The interaction with Spiderman.
"That's the SUPER BOMB." "The super bomb." "The SUPER BOMB."
"Well there's bombs in the game, why can't that bomb look like a bomb-" "It's fucking SPIDERMAN." "Yeah I know."

Atari 5200 - The whole procedure of setting up the game console, but using the door to hold his Rolling Rock gets me too.

Mario 3/Wizard - The WAY over-the-top battle.

Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout - Beating the shit out of Bugs Bunny, but most specifically when he broke the beer bottle over his head. That part was just priceless to me.
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